Letter on Coast Road

While I have been opposing the coast road for more than two years, this is the first formal letter – a long critique – that I have put in. The acknowledged letters are below and I will keep adding more acknowledgements here as I submit the letters to the relevant authorities.

To reiterate it is the gross neglect of so much else that needs to be done for Mumbai’s transport that really disappoints, saddens and angers me against the project.

Coast Road Letter March 2014

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An alternate to Pedder Road flyover (elevated road)

The proposed Pedder Road flyover has apparently got some final clearance, which means there may be a final go ahead.

Some people are happy and some sad and I am in the latter category. You cannot just obliterate the aesthetics of one of the most beautiful urban road in the country for something as mundane as traffic jams.

And if a solution to the traffic mess on Pedder Road is what is required then here are my solutions:

1) Create the tunnel below Malabar Hill, make the coast road alignment between Priyadarshini Park and Haji Ali. A whole lot easier and no disruptions to existing traffic at all.

You will not have any of these issues mentioned in the following article


The MoEF order goes on to say, “Thick vegetation cover, wherever required, will be used for the attenuation of noise. Stationary construction equipment will be placed away from habitation. Construction contract specifications should mention use of less noise generating equipment.

“High noise generating construction activities like drilling and compacting should be carried out only during day time in residential areas. Asphalt and hot-mix plants should not be used at site. Dust should be controlled by sprinkling water on the ground. Big solar-powered air purifiers should be mounted on streetlight poles. The construction as well as excavated material should be disposed off during the night, when traffic will be less.”

Anyways the MOEF order seems to display complete ignorance of where the proposed flyover(elevated road) is to be located when it says “ Thick vegetation cover, wherever required, will be used for the attenuation of noise.”

2) In the second option, MSRDC instead of making the sealink between Bandra and Versova should take up Priyadarshini Park to Worli. The traffic congestion on Pedder Road is far more severe than it is between Versova and Bandra.

The proposed flyover will be an ugly piece of infrastructure which we will have to suffer all our lifetimes and it is worth it to deliberate and consider the options. Yes the cost will go up but I think it will not be as much as some would like us believe.

An MOEF clearance does not mean everything and the opposition to the Pedder Road flyover must continue till it is shelved.