Stupidity flu

Enough cannot be said about the gaps in the so called superior intelligence of the human species but once in a while it becomes important to speak out.

Stupidity flu is what affects people when they feed themselves on an excessive diet of stupid serials and movies and fads and junk food and stupid fashion and conversation and meaningless activities. Stupidity flu is also caused by an almost complete deprivation of the brain from anything intelligent.

I think millions if not billions today are suffering from the stupidity flu without the slightest of indication about how the flu has reduced their lives to such a state that they would much rather die to the swine flu.

People suffering from stupidity flu can appear very modern and chic and sensible but on closer inspection clearly appear like those chickens in the mass breeding farms, slightly cute, indistinguishable and not somebody whose company you can keep for long. I could speak at length about the people who are responsible for this and the intentions and the effects but that can be later.

Those suffering from SF find that the flu reduces their brains to brittle, powdery, fragile stuff, which just cannot handle the slightest of pressure caused by application of mind to more challenging, intelligent and  pertinent(whats that, did you say?) matters. They cannot participate in public policy dialogues and social movements which form the fundamental basis for things like a good public health policy.

Even as some of us have been wondering about what to do about the outrageous rip off on the public pocket in terms of the 4000 crore Deonar proposal, millions affected by stupidity flu will not be able to understand the issue, much less do something about it.

There are thousands of instances where public health is being jeopardised and needs to be worked upon but nothing is done. So many more loose productivity and even die of these afflictions. Go to any public urinal outside any of the railway stations – outrageous is how conditions have existed since as long as our glorious culture. Did those conditions ever receive so much TV hours?

Then I was in the Highest of Courts today and saw the debate on the Deonar proposal and realised that the court was not spared from the flu either.

Rakhi ka Swayamvar, Sach ka Samna karo, some jungle stuff and god knows how much more…on tv, billboards everywhere. (And a huge amount of it exists in English also) It has all been getting on my nerves. Are millions watching this stuff?

But there is a solution to everything. Stupidity flu is curable and people can return to great health. If you feel you have the slightest of symptoms of stuidity flu and would like to be cured do get in touch – only professional consultation!