Something fishy in Juhu?

The two reports read below read together put a scary picture of what irregularities may be going on in the middle of a very educated neighbourhood.

Developers close in on Juhu Airport

BMC plans tunnel under Juhu Aerodome

Look at the conflicting statements

13 December 2012

Juhu airport, which has been opposed to the idea ever since the BMC first proposed it in 1991, is likely to accept the proposal now, with the civic body promising to re-notify the airport land, which was marked as a ‘recreational area’ in 1981, as an airfield as a goodwill gesture.

26 December 2012

The Airports Authority of India has given no objection certificates to over 150 buildings, many of them high-rises, very close to the Juhu airport, Mumbai Mirror has learnt. This is in direct contravention to aviation norms that bar tall buildings in the approach path of an airport’s runway.

If buildings start mushrooming around the airport, it could eventually lead to Juhu airport shutting down as it will put residents in danger, experts said. They added that the shutting down of the airport could, in turn, release its prime 400-acre plot, which builders have always coveted, for redevelopment.


What’s going on here? Would this topic have even figured in the meetings between the MC and the AII officials? Does BMC not mark the land around the airport, which is restricted beyond a certain height in a particular colour? Or have checks and balances?


The 26 December report makes further shocking revelations.

The issuance of NOCs is based on a dubious and controversial report filed by asenior Airports Authority of India official last year. In May 2011, a senior AAI air traffic expert filed a report saying Juhu aerodrome’s runway 16/34, which caters to about 40 per cent of everyday operations, was not operational and should not be taken into consideration for issuing NOCs for buildings. When, based on this report, the AAI decided to issue NOCs for buildings in the aerodrome’s vicinity, the Western region aviation safety department registered a strong protest and said the study was concocted to benefit builders. To hush up the protests, AAI accepted both the study report and the objection.

Who is/are this persons who are giving out these NOCs? Is this some over the counter product in a mom and pop store?

Even if as a result of all the fraudulent NOCs the airport does get closed, how does it become easy for developers to take over the 400 acres?

This is public land, will there be any discussion about how it is to be used?

Will it be far fetched to imagine that the local MP and MLA would be completely unaware of this?

In an issue unrelated to the irregularities that maybe taking place over the land use, is it not shocking that a tunnel project which was suggested in 1981 and would have considerably helped reduce congestion has not seen light for 30 years? And those who suffer traffic jams in front of J W Marriot in their expensive BMWs and Range Rovers besides of course normal folk have never bothered to push for the tunnels?

Mango people, Banana Republic?