Jairam Ramesh comments & American Clean Energy and Security Act, 2009

Even as we debate rages on the climate change talks and fresh brouhaha over Jairam Ramesh’s statements, it is important to be aware of what other countries are doing.

I happened to go through (glance over the contents list more like it) the American Clean Energy and Security Act, 2009, a whooping 1428 page document which must be covering everything under the sun. (since the pdf is huge it takes time depending upon the speed of connection)


A summary of the same is here – http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2454&tab=summary

I am also re-visiting my views expressed in 2009 and this post is going to be work-in-progress!


I came across the following good link on Jairam Ramesh’s comments (the content is from IANS)


and came across the following statement –

Sunita Narain, director of the think tank Centre for Science and Environment, fumed: “The idea of changing India’s position to bring the US on board is completely retrograde and immature.

“The US is not only the world’s biggest polluter, but has shown no willingness to do anything concrete about it. New climate convert President Obama’s administration has been no different from that of president Bush.”

The exhaustive Act above and the numerous other steps being taken in the US are certainly not indications of a country which is showing no willingness to do anything. I think proportionate to the amount they have polluted they are also putting in the efforts.

When we compare India’s efforts it seems criticizing the developed world wholesomely seems our only achievement. Of course we are doing a lot but most of the action seems in the domain of the carbon credit seekers who are a different world all together.

In a stupendously complex arena like climate change negotiations I think being absolute in ones positions – the correctness of my approach versus the absolute incorrectness of the others approach – and a complete refusal to change ones stance and accommodate other viewpoints will not take the negotiations anywhere. We might as well not come to the table.