Thoughts on 26 Nov Mumbai attacks

I am somewhere a firm believer of terrorist attacks being diversionary tactics by vested interests.

  1. And in this case what I find most strange is that the ATS Chief Hemant Karkare himself should be shot dead. Should it not be the case that the Chief’s do the strategising and are shielded from the first line of fire? Is there a connection between his probes into the Malegaon blasts and his death? Was the primary motive of the attacks killing him? Maybe he knew or had inferred some unpleasant stuff from the probe? All the hostage drama and lobbing of grenades at various places could just be the fluff over the main fruit?

  2. If such would be the case who would have coordinated it all? Who stood to gain or loose from the way the Malegaon blasts probe was heading.

  3. While the news is that all the terrorists are Pakistani’s it could very well be the case of these guys being mercenaries? These need not be proper terrorist outfits or state sponsored (Pakistan in this case). Is it difficult to get mercenaries to do something of this sort? Most certainly not.

  4. What about the regular vigil that should be maintained by police and the intelligence. Anybody who knows Colaba well can talk about the extensive illegal activities that go on absolutely normally. Drugs, prostitution, foreigners who over stay their visas. Go towards the Radio Bhuvan backend, near the Appollo Bunder and you get a distinct feeling that things are willingly not in control of the police. Getting in a boat there with guns and grenades and mercenaries shouldn’t be that difficult.

  5. What about the illegal slums which have been coming up all over the Backbay Depot on top of mangroves. The Collectors office after repeated representations cant do a thing about it. The Revenue Minister Narayan Rane’s name keeps coming in the land scam behind World Trade Center. A breakdown in governance in one area is bound to have an impact on other areas. All the well heeled and the powerful in the area who hob nob with the CMs of the world turn a silent ear to all the regular wrong that goes on. Like Rudi Guilliani would have said about controlling crime in NY – when visible small acts of law-breaking go unnoticed then it emboldens people for bigger acts.

  6. The less said about the armed forces occupying land at the tip the better. Most of the armed forces give me the picture of having a merry time at a prime, very beautiful part of the city. The United Services Club seems to be besieged with groupism and allegations of corruption about its running.

  7. If one were to go into the details of the illegal and clearly uncalled for activities in the area starting from Musuem till Lands End, and the brazen manner in which they flourish  then one would realise that the 26Nov08 is not so surprising.

  8. This is also what happens when the police and intellegence has to be more involved with VIP movements, security to politicans and saving the city from the MNS’s of the world.