What will Durga ma ride on IF the tiger goes extinct?

This post is meant to request and stir those who are bit too extra religious about their Durga Pooja to spare a thought for conservation of the tiger.

I have over the years been very angered with the complete indifference of 95 percent of Hindus to the very animals that they revere (or ones at least which their gods hold dear).

The elephant and the tiger being prime examples. While not so religious and maybe even atheist conservationists apply their mind, body and soul to saving the tiger and the elephants the bhakts are lost in their aarti’s.

My reading is that most of the bhakts give a damn about the issues of Gods themselves. The average Hindu is more interested in what all he can take from the table instead of what he can bring to the table and that is exactly the approach to each and every environmental or social problem.

If the Gods were to find themselves in some trouble and for a change want some help from the bhakts (after having given them so much) Hindus would be the first deserters is my general belief.

But one would like to believe that at least for the elephant and the tiger it would be different?

When the elephant is no more and rats take over the earth then what happens?

When the tiger is no more what does Durga ride on? Do the pictures show her riding the rats?

Time that the bhakts showed some bravery (as compared to none today) and take the mantle of protecting the tiger. The temples and the Navratri mandals need to be the ones funding the tiger conservation movement.

All those who do the Dandiya and the Garba should take time to be understanding the tigers plight, hitting at the poachers and the Chinese and being part of other activities.

There cannot be any Durga Bhakti without realising that the tiger and the qualities that it symbolises are an integral part of the pooja. And most Hindus go oblivious to this sentiment.

If a change in attitude doesn’t happen soon then shame on the bhakts and may their have the courage then to look squarely into their ma’s eyes.

If you are one of those bhakts then dont get angry at me. Do something with yourself.

If you believe strongly in this please help spread the message to every Navratri Mandal and temple and lets organise a movement.