On GM Brinjal and the need to stop intefering with Nature’s plans

Its been the usual flurry of email discussions around the process of getting genetically modified brinjal into the Indian market. In the argument below I am not giving up on the efforts but just highlighting the very obvious inconsistencies, without addressing which we are just shadow boxing.

The same format repeats itself on every issue. A few concerned people who read a lot, bother to investigate, make opinions and the take positions on issues which concern millions.

The vast millions for whom the supposed effort is being carried out would rather be spending their time on dumb reality shows (Big Bosss?, Friends?? – I dont know how much time humanity will spend on the stupid inane laughter of some aimless in life junior artists!) rather than having any fascination for how their food is grown, how it travels, who are the people behind the scenes.

I say whats the point of going through the same motions every time? And for whom? Those stupid dumb idiots whose reality show soaked lives are anyways not worth saving? They would be having genetically modified brinjal pakoras while going through their motions and tell you to buzz of if you showed anywhere on the scene with your ‘mentally excruciating’ arguments.

Even if those people had an iota of an interest in whats happening it was worth the effort. Who do these people give their dollar votes to?

I get concerned about all those hundreds of innocent species who are being wiped out of the planet, even as their own life patterns are completely sustainable. They are the victims of the actions of a ‘much wiser’ species. From ‘ugly’ insects to magnificent mammals to beautiful plants, its a gridlock rush to the path of extinction.

Should the ‘wise’ species not face the consequence of its own ‘intelligence’? Is it possible that these efforts towards harmful chemicals and biological interference are in effect nature’s terminator gene for human species in action? Is nature programming human intelligence towards its own destruction? Is nature working through Monsanto on the human species?

And so are some of us needless obstructions to natures plan?

The environmentalists and the ecologists and those into the ethics of it all need to make up their mind – is it the earths good health they want or of the human race? And both may be at logger heads with each other. Again it may be argued that GM foods will give abundant food which will cause more millions to come up on the earth and hence they need to be stopped 🙂

It is the uneven interest in the issue, few doing in depth study and millions having their brinjal pakoras while watching reality shows, that also makes the governance construct go against those opposed to GM foods.

In a democracy as we all know by now numbers count. And silence is consent. So if there is no noise from millions it is assumed they have no objection to genetically modified food. The bureaucrats and the politicians work for those silent millions not the rattlers.

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