I am an environmental activist based in Mumbai. Have been active on numerous Mumbai issues since the late 90s. I like to think and express myself on a number of issues relating to Mumbai and society in general. I work primarily on issues relating to improving the quality of life in cities and reducing their environmental footprint. I highlight inadequacies in our governance and question social functioning.

I have extensive experience working on many issues in Mumbai and work and interact with a number of organisations.


Article on coastal road

July 2015

Aarey DNA Jan 2015

Jan 2015

Leadership for Smart Cities or online here

August 2014

Appeared on Satyamev Jayate Season 2, Episode 3 on cleanliness in India here

March 2014

Mumbai Mirror 4th March 2013

March 2013

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  1. We are working on Solid waste management in NOIDA Town for last 10 years but we are not being encouraged/ heard by NOIDA Authority which is responsible for CIVIC amenties in NOIDA town.We want some help so that concerened Authority start listenig & we may do some thing for our Town/Society
    J S Arora
    Treasurer CEIS

  2. I just bumped across your blog while looking for sustainable planning stories. I happen to be a sustainability ambassador on my college campus as well as intern architect. Must say I was excited to see your work, keep it up! My folks happen to be originally from Andheri and even though Bombay is only my holiday home, and I’ve never actually lived in India, I would love to keep myself in the loop through your blog!

    1. Thank you Melanie! Glad you liked it and hopefully there will always be something of interest for you on the blog. We should stay connected with what you are doing on sustainability. I should blog more on what I do on that front. Currently actively shaping Mumbai Solar Mission besides sustainable transport.

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