The Grand Cosmic Plan – to annihilate all life on earth

In brief, the Grand Cosmic Plan is to annihilate all life on planet earth and convert it into a barren wasteland thus bringing it in consonance with the state of all celestial bodies in the solar system, the Milky Way and most of the universe as we know it. And human beings have been put on earth by the Cosmos to execute this plan.

The April 2015 issue of National Geographic dawned upon me the Grand Cosmic Plan, in a roundabout manner. It is quite pertinent that a magazine, which introduced me to most of my life’s strongest vocations should also chose to reveal this plan to me. There was a story about the pine beetle infection affecting millions of acres of forests in North America and how it is a fall out of a warming planet. It was sad to see the images of those lifeless stands of once lush forests. I could relate to the issue locally with the enormous sadness experienced at the rapid loss of a large number of rain trees in Mumbai to the mealy bug infection and the helpless bystanders that so many of us were left to become. Of course in the case of rain trees in Mumbai my strong hunch is that the mealy bug has been introduced on them selectively by a group to kill them, unlike a natural spread like in case of the pine beetle.

The same issue had a story celebrating 25 years of the Hubble Telescopes voyage and the fascinating set of imagery from the space that it has provided us with. Having myself chased the earliest of images in the 90s I could experience some distant excitement, which was soon to be overrun with a commentary about how there is always so much of funding for space research and exploration of life in space while we are hell bent on annihilating it all on the one celestial body which we know has enough of it. What could explain this irony?

I saw some of the images carried, the familiar red black golden hue to all the images, sparking stars, an experience of desolation and the realisation that we are talking of distances in light years here. In so many years of space exploration through millions of light years we have not discovered similar celestial bodies as earth brimming with so much life and diversity.

Those on the nature side agonize over what we have wrought on the planet and all the crimes we are doing as a species by defiling the only planet which has life and so much beauty in an otherwise barren and lifeless universe. These people find fault with many human needs, which are extractive and cause rampant death and destruction of nature. Many attach moral or religious overtones to this misconduct of humans, suggesting that what is happening is grossly wrong and nature or the gods will one day punish the species for such gross lack of respect for god’s creation.

But what if all of the death, destruction, lack of respect being brought upon nature and life on earth is part of the plan of these very gods or some other god more powerful than our own creations?

How is it that in the millions of celestial bodies we know in the universe it is only this small body called earth, which shows such an incredible diversity of life forms?

How can it be that there is absolutely nothing which exists on any of the other planets? It is not necessary that everything should be exactly as found on earth. Species and organisms conducive to environments found on other celestial bodies could have evolved, but we see just nothing anywhere.

How and why is it that efforts at saving the earth and a better environment are always such a struggle, difficult to motivate the masses, difficult to get funding, difficult on almost all fronts conceivable? While those on the other side have it all going well. Have a great idea to make it more convenient for people to consume more? You have investors climbing over each other to write you a check. And big amounts at that, while an environmental or social do-good idea will find you begging your self-respect out for even a small amount. The best of human resource on the other side compared to bleeding hearts on the environment side. Things should not be so difficult if you are doing something good; if you are really aligned with the Grand Cosmic Plan? So possibly all the do-good efforts are really not aligned with the Grand Cosmic Plan much as it will be disagreeable to the environmental minority.

The comic eye – as I will call this god – or the creator or a strong energy field which immerses the universe must at some point have taken a serious note of the rapid rate at which species were evolving on this particular speck of the universe. From being a large mass of molten gas the speck was cooling, solidifying and creating the right bio chemical environment for different life forms to develop. Slowly this entity called nature started showing up on this celestial body. As nature took root it developed enormous ability to propagate itself and develop newer forms of life, different climatic regions developed and a corresponding diversity of species developed as well which were adapted to these climatic conditions. As much life was there terrestrially, far much more developed in the oceans. The earth became one incredible ingredient rich soup bowl, standing out sharply and distinctly from these other specks of geology in the universe.

The cosmos was a mute spectator to this evolving drama, not able to register what was happening. Forests, grasses, fungi, bacteria and complex organisms, organisms which crawl, which fly, which run, some which are the size of nails and some the size of dinosaurs. It was all getting crazy and out of hand.

This presumably was not acceptable to the cosmos. Nature must have become the invasive species, which was rapidly infesting what was designed to be a desolate, lifeless landscape.

It can be argued that in the grand scheme of things earth does not even count as infinitesimal in the universe. Why take serious note of what was happening over here? Let an exception exist. Possibly there must have been a real threat that at some point the same process could transmit from earth and start on some of these other celestial bodies as well.

And this is when the cosmos took a decision to halt this invasion by nature. It was decided then to develop an anti dote to this poison that was spreading across earth. As with snake poison, the anti-dote would have to come from nature itself. And this is where the grand plan began to develop. It was decided to turn one of the species developed by nature against itself.

Keeping the incredible resilience of nature and ability to rebound in mind it was felt that it was necessary that the efforts made to contain nature were just not aimed at containing it but at completely annihilating it, leaving it with absolutely no ability to rebound back in anyway and make it similar to any of the lifeless, barren celestial bodies in the universe.

And what a wonderful job this anti-dote is doing. Humans are not just containing nature but working towards overwhelming it to not be able to rebound in anyways and paving the way for complete annihilation. And from the look of things the Grand Cosmic Plan will succeed. Though it must be a good two centuries to be anywhere close to completion, there is way too much life still on earth.

It was important to provide the anti-dote with a potent mechanism to counter the poison. Intelligence, emotions, desire, insecurity are those mechanisms which have made the anti-dote so potent. One can be quite certain that with all the doomsday scenarios played out about the effect of environmental degradation and climate change on the planet (and eventually on the human species) humans will be the one species that will last till the very end exiting only after it has accomplished  the Grand Cosmic Plan.

Will humans move to another planet after having annihilated all life on earth? I don’t think so as much as enthusiastic efforts are underway. If the cosmic plan is to bring earth to the same state as other celestial bodies then you don’t want the human species to end up altering another celestial body’s architecture. The species will find itself being the last life form to be extinguished from the planet. But yes possibly the last of the human species’ future could be consigned to be on a star ship Enterprise forever travelling into deep space.

Look at all the signs around; all of them suggest how the cosmos is supporting everybody who will support its plans. Environmental groups struggle for funding while prime ministers and presidents get heavy funding from the oil lobby and are completely subservient to their diktats on policy and administrative response to the environment and climate change.  Those who on the side of the grand cosmic plan have ensured that all political and social systems have been subverted and nothing can stall or slow the process.

America and China and Apple and Foxconn are all part of the cosmic plan. Those flattening the rain forests and those eating beef and growing palm oil plantations, the Indian establishments obdurate view on climate change, the Japanese hunger for whales and Chinese for ivory and tiger penises are all in absolute sync with the Grand Cosmic Plan.

One of the biggest evidence of the GCP is the fact that this is a species which is intelligent enough and can see the writing on the wall and yet incapable of doing anything about it.

So, now there is no need to feel bad about consumption and pollution. No need to listen to those advices of not changing phones and gadgets frequently. Let those rare earth minerals be mined more frequently. When the phone dies don’t throw dispose it responsibly. Make sure to go and fling it into the nearest dirty river. A million people doing it will help us achieve the cosmic plan sooner.

No need to be worried about nuclear energy and the problem of nuclear waste. From the cosmic point of view the nuclear waste is all coming from within the planet itself. If nuclear waste helps achieve the aim of a desolate poisoned, lifeless landscape faster, the better still. No point in lobbying for renewable energy. The cosmic eye never saw any need for energy in the first place, renewable or non-renewable. In a desolate landscape where is the need for energy consumption? The purpose of addicting the human species to all those energy guzzling needs is precisely to help achieve the plan.

It is time those who are trying to save nature and the environment hang up their boots, stop leading troubled agonizing lives. Their pain comes from the resistance to the cosmic plan. All resistance is futile in front of the almighty cosmos. It is foolishness and arrogance to not read the writing on the wall and to think that they are in fact on the side of the cosmos. Billions of people who go about enjoying or making two ends meet without any thought about saving the planet have been put there for a purpose.

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