Change of alignment required for Goregaon Mulund Link Road

The proposed alignment of the Goregaon Mulund Link Road is undesirable and harmful on many accounts and many citizens of Mumbai desire that it must be changed. A far better alignment exists in the form of a tunnel below the Sanjay Gandhi National Park,which would begin somewhere at the end of the General A K Vaidya Marg and emerge ~ 6kms later through a tunnel on the Mulund side. Following are the points against the existing alignment.

1. MCGM proposed alignment is far longer than the tunnel option. The proposed alignment is around 16kms long whereas the tunnel would be approx. 5-6 kms. In the image below the green alignment is the tunnel which is less that 6kms. The red option is the one currently proposed by MCGM (alignment is not accurate, only based on news reports)

Proposed and alternate alignments for GMLR
Proposed and alternate alignments for GMLR

2. MCGM Proposed alignment involves far too much much disruption as compared to tunnel option. There is just no need to cause so much disruption to the Aarey Colony with 1000 trees to be cut and leopard and other animals habitat disturbed, besides disrupting a place of some solitude in Mumbai which is also visited and loved by thousands of Mumbai citizens.

3. Aarey Milk Colony is seeing an onslaught from too many proposals, proposed zoo, Metro 3 Yard and now this proposal. We need to save the Aarey Milk Colony as the largest and most pleasant urban green in the city today. This is also an important biodiversity area besides a buffer to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the time to show some better sense an appreciation for nature is now.

4. Tunnel option can be constructed in a year round mode with absolutely no disruption from trees, utilities, man-animal conflict, loss of a large urban green.

5. The costs thought not available to me, will I am sure be more in the case of the BMC proposed option. Anyways accounting for the intangible and tangible costs of the disruption the proposed option is costlier.



7 thoughts on “Change of alignment required for Goregaon Mulund Link Road

  1. A good plan only if alignment and positive geo survey are completed for the suggested tunnel alignment. The cost for tunnelling will obviously be much more, but still it’s the long term solution to preserve the shrinking green environment. Good job RA.

  2. I totally agree. It will not be first instance of having a city tunnel. We already have twin tunnels at freeway catering for 4 lane traffic x 2 directions at chembur
    The cost benefits of surface road to tunnel alignment does not outweigh the irreparable damage to the environment and serenity of national park and aarey colony.
    MCGM’s proposal should be opposed with all vigour.

  3. Yes completely agree, no sane planning option should think of cutting 1000 trees for a road when alternatives are available. Aarey road is the only road left green in the city and inspite of many onslaughts on it, the road has survived. We cannot allow any more manipulative destruction of nature in our city. I started travelling through the road in mid 2000 and it used to be a potholes free smooth road… being a nature lover particularly trees and plants, this road was like heaven on earth for me and have had nature walks here…since last few years there has been steady increase in the number of potholes and no roads in some stretches and I have actually abandoned travelling through the aarey road …this seemed like a conspiracy for BMC to take over and implement the destructive plans benefiting their road contractors? All the best.

  4. Good suggestion,Stilt road & tunnel is best way to to do this as It will not affect much serenity & wildlife. Going ahead of his why not Metro instead of Link Road..This option will be with less pollution, without much disturbing wildlife & will encourage use of public transport.

  5. The current route is too long and wastes a huge amount of fossil fuel costing the economy money and contributing to pollution in crowded areas.

    Having said that a route through the the green to Mulund is a necessity and the best option would be a tunnel rather than a road even if it is slightly expensive than road work. TBM’s (Tunnel Boring Machines) are a norm globally to dig tunnels over long distance but they are hardly or maybe not yet made an entry into India.

    A contract term for the tunnel should be the use of TBM and the job could be over in a year or two. Most of the cost of such project goes for the compensation of the system which needs to be brought down.

  6. A superb idea of saving Greenery….A tunnel would obviously be much more expensive,but it’s a long term investment with great fruits ahead…When there is a substitute plan available then why do make trees sacrifice and regret later…Keep Going RA We are with you…

  7. i agree with all …..all are thinking of trees ,animals.etc….if we go for flyover….it will cast lots of human being life adversely… they were staying here from past many years…its very difficult to adjust in new allocated area…
    if you all to experience this…just visit areas like mankhurd,sangarsh nager etc…

    for humanity please plan tunnel …option its an heartiliest request to to MCGM

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