Letter on Coast Road

While I have been opposing the coast road for more than two years, this is the first formal letter – a long critique – that I have put in. The acknowledged letters are below and I will keep adding more acknowledgements here as I submit the letters to the relevant authorities.

To reiterate it is the gross neglect of so much else that needs to be done for Mumbai’s transport that really disappoints, saddens and angers me against the project.

Coast Road Letter March 2014

If you see merit in the arguments please do sign the petition at link below


and like it at


The MCGM report on coast road can be viewed at this link

One thought on “Letter on Coast Road

  1. Rishi, very comprehensive opposition to the coast road proposal. What a different city this would be with the alternative route you suggest. I had never heard the open space argument and still not sure I completely understand it:) I was surprised the environmental impact comes so far down and you don’t elaborate too much. It seems to me an important point in the argument, especially if the mangroves are linked to resiliency against future flooding. There must be other environmental impacts, too, I imagine. Great effort!

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