Solution to the traffic mess in Andheri(W) station area

This article is for anyone who resides in Andheri (W), accesses Andheri Station during morning and evening peak hours and is harassed and fed up of the long traffic jams. This post is for those:

1. Who stay in Yari Road, Seven Bungalows, Versova, SVP Nagar MHADA, RTO, Lokhandwala Complex, Oshiwara MHADA, Millat Nagar, Veera Desai, Indian Oil, Apna Bazaar and all the other areas covered sweepingly in between.

2. Those who use either of the buses mentioned below to access Andheri station in the morning and the evening or auto rickshaws or two wheelers or private cars.

Bus Nos. 249, 250, 251, 252, 266, 268, 235, 242, 259, 254. The turnaround time of these buses and consequently the ability to serve more people has been severely diminished due to this congestion.

3. The larger impact is not just on those staying in Andheri but anybody using  S V Road.

The affected people in above points should easily be 1,00,000.

There is a clear solution if there is support for the plan I have proposed in the letter below to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Metropolitan Commissioner of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). The letter and the attachment are in links below

Letter to CM on Andheri(W)

Letter to CM on Andheri(W)-Last 2 pages

Andheri station1

I have not followed the matter as aggressively as I have suggested in the letter but will hopefully so in 2014. Any interest from other users of the same route will help. If you are one (or interested in resolving this) please do be in touch or drop a comment.

Picture gallery below will establish context with people who commute to Andheri station in the morning.

On a particularly jammed day I got down at the Sai Baba Temple / Bombay Cambridge School and decided to walk till the station taking photos of the conditions along the way.

One thought on “Solution to the traffic mess in Andheri(W) station area

  1. Rishi, thank you for taking up this with this issue with the concerned authorities. This has become a pain in the neck most people commuting between Andheri Station and 4 Bungalows, Lokhandwala etc. An overhaul of the area surrounding Andheri market, as you’ve suggested, seems to be the only long-term solution.
    In the meantime, it might be a good idea to make the entire Ceasar road into a one-way (towards SV Road) since the traffic towards 4 Bungalows/Lokhandwala can get onto JP road either through Andheri market or Bhardawadi. This won’t improve the chaos on SV Road but it will atleast ease the bottleneck on Ceasar road.

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