Set up a Rape Research Cell – make rape offenders available for research

I think it is extremely important to carry out a very thorough analysis of all the rape instances which take place in the country. From a prevention point of view it is very important to be very acutely aware of the following:

1. The circumstances in which the rape took place

2. The victim characteristics

3. Very importantly the complete physiological and psychological profile of the offender


Some points that come to my mind for which a trend analysis needs to be done are:

1. The socio-economic bracket

2. Family history from childhood till current phase. Whether there was any childhood trauma, whether unhappy parents marriage, any exposure to domestic violence

3. All parameters on early health, any nutritional defects, any developmental disorders.

4. Peer exposure and behaviour among peers.

5. Any dominant and strong ideological beliefs on various issues including sexuality and gender relations.

6. Vocational parameters, areas of work, work conditions, exposure to any occupational health hazard from pollution or in other ways.

7. Religion, region, caste and other parameter.


Such analysis could be made possible by setting aside  a budget from public funds to develop a full time Rape Research Cell, which is staffed with the best of medical practioners, social scientists and advocacy groups active on this subject. This cell would maintain a very detailed database of all rapes which take place in the country and be given priority access to offenders to be able to gather information on the above mentioned parameters. It would be incumbent on the Cell to produce annual reports, research papers and provide insights into steps which can be taken by way of awareness, offender profiles, how such behaviours develop, causative factors and any preventive measures.

I think it is important that considering the high recurrence of this crime, especially in particular cities like Delhi, the Parliament or the relevant Ministry set up such a cell and take a long term, systematic effort to preventing the occurrence of rapes in the first place. Such crimes have far reaching social and economic damage, which is far more than any amount that will be invested in prevention.

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