Release/hang Ajmal Kasab immediately and go after the real terrorists within. Cut the bullshit NOW!

Dear Mr. Ashok Chavan and Mr. Johnny Joesph and the law enforcers and all those behind the scene editors in the media –

The more I hear about the Ajmal Kasab drama doing the rounds the more I am convinced that Ajmal has no role in it and the same is being deftly coordinated by the real terrorists within in direct or indirect connivance with the media.

Is Ajmal asking for biryani or a rakhi such a big demand? In the first place do we really know that he has in fact made the demand? If he has also made the demand is it such a strange or shocking thing that the electronic media should devote so much time to such utterances – EVERYDAY? Are these guys being fooled, directed or paid to do this?

Ten days back I was closely following the massive scams happening within the NREGA scheme and the siphoning of THOUSANDS OF CRORES of money meant for poor people and did not hear the name of a single District Collector or local politician knowing very well that these scams did not require an LET operative but a very active hand of the local home bred terrorists.  Ten days later there is absolutely no follow up but I hear Kasab everyday.

First of all I think the poor guy would be in too depressed a state of mind to be bothered about a rakhi or a biryani. Even if he asking one of the reasons could be loneliness and depression induced hallucination. I don’t think such utterances are shocking. Anyways an open and shut case is being prolonged for reasons which I have best guessed here.

On whose behalf are the electronic media making these utterances sound SOOO shocking? I am SHOCKED with the NREGA scams – please give me a daily expose of what each and every District Collector of the affected districts has to say about the irregularities. I want to know what they do in their evenings, the biryanis they have, the SUVs they purhase, the expensive booze they drink.


There are easily a 100 very criminal IAS officers and and equal amount of politicians and businessmen and contractors who are proud nationals of this country who are every hour siphoning of money from some scheme meant to remove hunger and misery from the lives of millions of people and I hear ABSOLUTELY NO shocking mention of their escapades. These people conveniently give shape and conclusion to their nefarious evil plans and have the best of biryani and drinks in the evening and the media would dare not go after these incidences.

There are people stripping our wonderful forests, poisoning our rivers, delaying good policies which will make life in cities better and more environmentally friendly and all of them are INDIAN.

India’s super stupid position on climate change

Their activities either kill thousands of people every year or subjugate millions of people’s to a life which they had not bargained for. These miseries are silent but when added up make Ajmal and his colleagues activities pale into oblivion.

It is easy to bully a 20 something kid who has been brainwashed a good five years of his little life and then offered a little bit of monetary incentive into doing something which he was told is noble.

It seems to be difficult to go after people who have taken an oath to serve the country, people who utilise the bungalows and cars and other facilities, logistics and the funds provided by the people of India and then use it against the people of India themselves.

Atleast a terrorist can be justified in his objectives against your country. What justification can be there when those who claim to be the proudest Sons of the Soil go about ripping about the very fabric of the soil?

I remain convinced of what I said in the immediate wake of the 26th November attacks –

Thoughts on 26th November attacks

Terrorist attacks as diversionary tactics

and The train blasts

Who did 7/7

and almost eight months down the line I am even more convinced that these terrorist attacks are completely stage managed by a people within the country itself – a set of Indians with absolutely no ethical compulsions, ruthless people with no mercy who are so completely possessed with their greed and objectives that they will stop at absolutely nothing to diverting attention from their operations.

Is it too much of a conspiracy theory to believe that a small percentage of the blood money within is devoted to creating diversionary tactics? People who wouldn’t bat an eyelid when they can revel in luxuries from appropriating money meant for a starving child or an old mother would care much less to spend on some terrorists at frequent intervals to create a tequila shot diversion on the naive junta intoxicated on Bollywood and cricket.

It is time that every right thinking Indian (if something of this sort exists) start questioning the discretion’s of the media and law enforcers and started demanding an expose and followup on the real terrorists.

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