20 kms of highway per day

I watchethe India Tonight show on CNBC where Karan Thapar spoke to (promoted) Kamal Nath, the new Minsiter for Roads and Highways. The show was a cleverly planned sequence of questions aimed at potraying the new Minister as dynamic and in a good light. This MO of asking just the right questions and putting words into the mouth has become a too mundane strategy by now.

But besides that Kamal Nath mentioned that he would like to see the rate of highway creation go up from 2-3 kms per day to 20kms per day during his term leading to the addition of a ‘whooping’ (Karan said it many times over) 30,000 kms of highways during his five year term.

All through the show Karan had no mention of the beginning of the highway program during the NDA government or the fact that it was during that government that the real changes began and which are still the benchmark considering the poor preformance during the previous UPA term.

Also Karan did not have any studied reports to corroborate some of the claims he was making. Much as he is a intelligent person and I consider him so it is pretty clear that such shows are pre-scripted and even the most intelligent of people cannot come about for a new show every night prepared with all the information on a topic within less than 24 hours.

Its time the old school boys network stopped licking each other and got down to taking their role of leading the country seriously.

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