The way forward

We have now gone through an election which has been landmark more for the wrong reasons. Going forward we need to take the learning and benefits forward and note the mistakes. The thoughts I list below are not group or party specific. If some of us can work across our identities then that is where the magic will happen. The need for change in political culture is overwhelmingly there.

The way forward clearly involves the following:

1) Building networks of people around various issues. People concerned with police reforms, judicial reforms, water, slums, transport, governance, taxation etc. These networks will have to play a role in 2) and 3) below also. This is also where democratic consensus gets developed on various policy requirements, whether better armed police and intelligence or water recycling or housing.

2) Having consistent activity around the issues This will have to be at the level of the local community and the larger policy. If there can be consistent activity week after week then only can there be trust established. if there is random, far spaced activity then forget it. You need to be available to the community.

3) Aligning donors. Politics is fund intensive. Back end office, full time people, activity logistics, the requirements are endless. Anytime we need 10,000 people on the donor, membership list. This in turn is dependent on 2) and 3) above. If you are not doing great work then donors are questioning. And at the same time you need funds to do great work.

4) Communication. This is very critical. Politics is about large numbers of people being in touch with what you are doing and if after doing all of the above you fail in communicating properly then it is reduced to nothing.

Please do share your views and it would be good to work together.

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