New entrants not welcome

I think the comments of the PM can rightfully be described as a cover up for the accumulated guilt conscience of the Congress. Yesterday I spoke to Mid-Day about the same

I am clear that the Congress had the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to do a lot of good and we all know the mess they left us in. The license raj and the institutionalized corruption and poverty clearly is a Congress legacy to the country. That Congress was responsible for liberalization is also a myth which is over hyped by the mainstream media which is almost the PR firm of the Congress.

The media will not highlight the people and the policies which lead to India being brought down to its knees in 1991. The Congress conveniently placed a Sikh at the helm to cover up its 1984 debacle and killed two birds with one stone.

Now that the country is waking up to their bull shit the Congress is going about with a mis-information campaign to instill doubt in the voters mind that the absence of a mainstream party in the center will have a detrimental impact on foreign relations and external security.

Having a vicious party like Congress at the helm has proved to be more dangerous for the country than anything else. What the country desperately needs is new people with integrity and ideas. Ring out the old. Ring in the new.

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