Waste ho!

Read with interest two posts in TOI today.

Demolition of flyover gets under way on April 3

NCP leader dumps garbage at Thane civic headquarters

One matter relating presumably only to traffic but having a significant waste aspect to itself and the other a waste matter at heart. In the case of the Thane matter its interesting how such an important issues has only political brownie scoring value.

It’s an issue which I would rate far higher than the Ram Mandir issue or the Nuclear Agreement issue but which unfortunately doesn’t catch the attention of neither the public nor the political class. And it is an issue which I intend to go strongly with to the Parliament if given a chance. Read this link

In the case of the flyover it is six years now since I met Bejoy Davis and got to know of his process of converting debris into BIS quality paver blocks. That time I was very strongly involved with mangroves conservation and debris (and waste in general) was the biggest enemy of mangroves and I was very happy that somebody had found a solution. Since then I have pursued the matter in discussions with junior and senior municipal staff and corporators but we have seen no policy support for the matter.

Has an Environmental Report been filed by the contractor about the metric tonnes of debris that will be generated? Where in Mankhurd is the waste being taken? Is it in a CRZ area? Can the waste directly be transported to a facility where it is converted into paver blocks? Questions which would be asked and answered in most developed cities which we wish to emulate.

Not just the environment, waste has economic aspects to it as well. How many thousand crores does the country spend on waste collection and can fiscal incentives, which minimise waste (and cost of collection) at source be a better option?

In the Thane case is the TMC willing to forego the pick and dump approach to giving better fiscal incentives for segregation and minimisation at source?

Till the answers come – Waste ho!!

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