On the political trail

Its ten days since I am full time on the election trail and it has been a great time interacting with diverse people and understanding from them the value the place on the political system, their understanding of the same and their belief that things will ever change.

Some of the key questions I get asked are –

  1. What is the party’s ideology?
  2. What does the Party stand for and what is its position on various issues.
  3. Do you think you stand any chance against the existing parties?
  4. Even if you win what impact will you make as a sole winner from your Party

A lot of people I am meeting are people I have known for long and so I have a body of work to support my conviction. But the challenge will be to communicate with people who do not know me and about the work I have done.

The campaign is also making me aware much more closer than before of the deep neglect the country has gone though over the years. We are essentially a feudalistic society still where people observe things going wrong but will not question or act. It is far more easier to suffer and complain rather than pul yoruself up with a sense of maddening dismay at what you are going through and then do something about it.People suffer unemployment, unhygienic conditions, discrimination and go about resigned to all of it.

Till a large enough number of people do not have that maddening dismay I dont thing we will ever have a critical mass of people who will work for change.

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