Why Jago? Why not Independent?

Its 20 days since I took the decision to join Jago Party and contest the coming Lok Sabha elections. And a well wisher keeps coming to his view that I was better of standing as an Independent on my own record, rather than with a Pary which is new, has no base in Mumbai and will not be supporting me with funds or membership base.

A very important question. I was earlier planning to prepare for the State elections coming in September. The territory wold have been manageable and there was more time.

But I am firmly convinced that the Independent route does not give any benefits.It is not about making a personal point. The idea is to be part of a party structure through which you can intervene at multiple levels thus leveraging your efforts towards a better governed country.

Jan end Jimish, my friend from post 26/11 decided to break the discussions deadlock by keeping a meeting with Jago members and I took an impromptu decision. The idea being that whether you start your own party or join a new fledging party the effort is the same.

Now the Party was of the opinion that the Lok Sabha election should be contested since it would create visibility and pave a way for the State elections and so I was selected for the LS elections. Now it remains to be seen whether I am doing damage to my prospects by not bieng and Independent.

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