Why attacking Pakistan will not help?

I have been hearing so much of this whole wave of demand to attack the terrorist bases in POK that I have to write about it. Below are my responses to a mail put to that effect by Mayank on the Loksatta yahoogroup.

I think a healthy body and a healthy mind is in a better position to ward of external infections and today the country has none. it is better to focus on the cleanup within before outside.


My observations on the steps mentioned below:

1) I think all nations together will have to agree for sometime atleast, to not send their armies on anybody elses territory and unilaterally or multilaterally attack on residents of that country whether criminals or not. I think this habit has been emboldened by the US over the past three decades and only yielded failure everytime. The currently strong Taliban and Al-Quaida were once Mujahideen strengthened by the very US to serve its purposes against the USSR. Look what they have turned out to be.

2) I think the time is ripe for each country to look more within than without. We receive selective news but there are the ‘leaks’ about instances where our own RAW and IB are involved in creating and formenting disturbances in Pakistan. Is this something which is correct? Is it difficult to arrest people like Dawood? We keep receiving news about senior Minsters being linked with Dawood. Even without capturing him, his grassroots network in the city can be completely crippled but for the active support from sons of the soil. What good will come of attacks in the Northwest Provinces and POK till we are not able to confront the enemy within?

3) What kind of attack can a country mount on another territory when 1/3 of India is under some civil unrest or the other, the naxalites, the Bodos, Kashmir, the Sena’s of Maharashtra? I think we have enough to do within the country. When I heard of Obama’s plans, what occoured to me was that the US should move out completely from Pakistan. If it stops giving billion dollar aids to Pakistan and better cracks down on the drug trade in Europe and America, thus cutting a lot of funding of Taliban, then it would achieve better.

4) The need to strengthen democratic forces is far more acute in India.

5) As far as counterfeit notes go, you will find a flourishing network in the bylanes where the attacks took places (and other places), happening with full knowledge of many non-Muslim (assuming all Muslims are anti-Indian) citizens of this country.




Dear friends,
India can use this tragedy as a window of opportunity to reposition its strategic global positions by converting the national and international response to creating an international alliance for tackling terrorism. This alliance should be made of most of the major countries led by US and India (due to their geo-political issues) and consisting of Pakistan, Afghanistan and other affected countries. It should have have a three fold agenda

1. Involve the joint army for the attack on Al Quaida in N W frontiers of Pakistan. Broaden its scope to attack the POK training camps, too.

2. Strengthen hands of pro-democratic forces in Afghanistan and Pak and arm twist them to send their armies in the attacks too

3. Without naming Saudi Arabia – create strategies to seriously main the terror funding
At the national level – I agree with the creation of unified terrorist agency and strengthening inter departmental intelligence sharing with Army, para military, navy etc and improving intelligence gathering and reacting mechanism.
Most importantly, hundreds of crores of Indian money are illegally printed in these terror areas and sent as fake note. Each note takes a substantial amount to print – therefore take 1000, 500 and 100 rupees note out of circulation and that will deal a serious body blow to terrorism financing – details at http://arthakranti.org/
What do you think of this?

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