Terrorist attacks as diversionary tactics

Starting from the attack on the Parliament in Dec 2001 I have always harboured a deep seated suspicion about the ‘foreign hand’ behind such attacks. I remember following the Kargil coffins probe very closely that time around and how embarrassing it was becoming for George Fernandes and the NDA government. And then suddenly out of the blue this attack takes place. The attackers are killed so there can be no probe, the usual suspects are named, the whole issue takes center stage on the media, which is most prone to diversion and doing a carpet bombing on an issue till all other issues are obliterated and the coffins issue is coffined. Some instances below

1. Kargil Coffins issue   Dec 2001

Attack on Parliament  Dec 2001

2. Shiv Sena nuisance at Shivaji Park on 7th July 2006

Mumbai train blastson 11th July 2006 (see post)

3. Nuclear Agreement signed by UPA Govt. UPA government survives no trust motion. Left and Advani left red faced.      July 2008

Ahmedabad blasts take place.       July 2008

4. Malegaon Probe starts getting difficult November 2008

Mumbai attacks  26th Nov 2008

Maybe there is no link. Maybe I am cynical but maybe there is a link. We just need to see some of our Bollywood flicks. maybe the close linkages between the netas and abhinetas helps Bollywood get a ring side view of how conspiracies are hatched.

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