Till when will the economy hold

I read the two comments below made at the G 20 Summit and covered in Saturdays ET and got thinking:

” The key point is we must agree to a new order of global oversight. A more inclusive system can provide better surveillance and serve as an early warning mechanism.”

Did he go all the way to New York to say this? Its not that early warning systems dont exist. It is just that cheaters rule. People who do the most damage are generally colluding with people like the FM and other politicians to not allow an inclusive system with better surveillance. Greed and cheating rules.

We are still no different from nature in that might rules except in nature when people have a full tummy they stop. Pillage and plunder does not take place. Pack hunting takes place and the weaker are at the mercy of the stronger but then packs also stop when tummies become full and there are natural checks and balances to such packs. I wouldnt be surprised that in the ways of the human world we will see the the people who landed us in this trouble reorganising themselves and getting on with their work. Most humans anyways dont understand the crisis and would care much the less about doing anything about it.


” While reforms in the financial sector are essential, the long term solution to todays problems is sustained economic growth. And the surest path to that growth is free markets and free people” – George W Bush

Which free people and which free market is he talking about. Somebody who should be getting skinned for his acts still has the gall to engage public time with inane utterances. It is not Bush alone who still believes that things like free markets are a panacea for all our developmental needs. There are still thousands if not millions of such people who will still not accept the concept of sustainable development and will not consider far less accept the fact that we might just be reaching the limits of growth. That maybe the existing economic system with its overarching focus on making people consume more and more and at a lot of times things which they really do not need is somewhere economically, environmentally and ethically untenable and will eventually collapse.

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