When can God help?

In India, even God is helpless, says SC

God can help when there is a lot of people which is awake and aware of what their problems are and interested in doing something about it.

Day in day out it amazes me – as I pass through Bombay on my daily routines – as to how people are perfectly okay with so many difficulties they face arising out of poor civic management. These are all small problems which can be resolved if even five people get together and approach the authorities about it. But some of the problems persist for years and decades and the people go about adjusing. When people cannot solve even these small problems where will they be able to do something about criminals in Parliament.

Why should God intervene in a country where the people are so phenomenally adjusted. And maybe God would still help if people asked him/her to help. But what do people ask for when they visit God?

  1. Please provide me with individual prosperity
  2. I should be making more money than I currently am
  3. Give me and my family alone good health.
  4. Please make sure my children are able to go to America and get a Green Card
  5. A good marriage etc.

Where and when do the people in this country ever approach God for the well being of this country?

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