Peepal Tree Building

The pictures below show the deep neglect a number of the old and dilapidated buildings in the island city of Mumbai suffer from.
The Rent Control Act shouldn’t have deterred the people staying in the buildings from doing something to secure their own safety atleast. But the neglect is now coming to haunt them as they have to evacuate their buildings. Below are pictures from Brijwasi Building, 6 Navi Wadi, Off Chira Bazaar Road, a critical section of which collapsed on 25th July.
Un disturbed and uninterrupted the tree was allowed to grow through the yars
Undisturbed and uninterrupted the tree was allowed to grow through the years
The trees roorts have deeply and strongly clutched the building now. Any attempt at uprooting would be dangerous.
The trees roorts have deeply and strongly clutched the building now. Any attempt at uprooting would be dangerous.

9 thoughts on “Peepal Tree Building

    1. Hi KAy JAy, nice to hear from you! This is the most viewed post of mine and yet this is the first comment! Apparently peepal tree is a very frequent search item.

      The building in question has now been pulled down and a new building will come up in its place. After the roots have taken such a strong grip as in the case of the building shown it is very difficult to get it out. Its not impossible I am sure but still there would be difficulty in removing the dead roots even if you pour herbicide on the tree. Which of course no Hindu would do!? When the tree is young, yes it is certainly possible to remove the tree, which is when action should be taken. It takes the tree months to become even 2 feet tall within which time it is visible to Gods and mortals alike.

      In the old areas of the city watching numerous such peepal trees is a frequent observation of mine. I see the trees and the damage it is causing to the building and rue the neglect and indifference of the residents. I dont think it is religious sentiment also. People just give a damn. Which is what I have captured in another entry of mine –



    2. Hi, KAy JAy! First of all, I deeply respect and admire Indian culture. Then, let me ask you if the spelling “peepal” is correct because I didn’t find this word in the Webster’s nor in the Oxford’s. I found something similar – “peepul” and “pipal”, both words referred to as an Indian fig tree. So let me know if “peepal” is some kind of pun. Cheers! Thanks.

  1. I alongwith my family will feel highly obliged if you suggest a solution to uproot a peeple tree causing risk to one side of my double storeyed building of 160 yard in old Meerut city

  2. Hi Rishi,

    Peepal tree is a very interesting read. Would you mind sharing your email address so that i can contact you.


  3. Dear All,

    I fully agree that removing peepal tree on top of the old building is not at all easy task. Hence, I request suggest ways and means to remove peepal tree completely, as we at Hyderabad also facing this problem for more than 8 years.


    Y. Krishna Sarma

  4. Asafoetida or hing is the best solution.
    No side effects. It destroys the roots right from inside, however deep they may be. It takes a while, but applying the hing paste in between the stem will help.

    Also, since hing is also a religious herb, there is no conflict.

  5. Me also facing the same problem.. A big peepal tree was planted besides my house and the tree shadows will fall on roof top, according to my grandmother it is more than 50yrs old.. since I know we have faced lots of problems related to health and house.. the tree now has grown giant and the roots are entering house and nearby areas.. so can we live in that house or can we remove the tree?? What should be done to live a normal life??

  6. hi I am staying in 6 storey building, mine is a terrace flat and from my bathroom drainage is a pipal tree coming out. the roots are attached to my flat I guess……..pls suggest what to do ?

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