The Nuclear Option

Thoughts on the Nuclear option

Go on save the deal – Gurcharan Das, 1, June, 2008

Dear Mr. Das, While I have been supportive of signing the nuclear agreement in the sense that I have been completely fed up with the mindless arguements put forth by the Left and the way in which they completely submerged other developmental topics to just this one, I am also not so particularly convinced of the nuclear option.

We will somewhere have to look at the whole economic growth theory from the Limits of Growth perspective. If we were to try to get every body the same lifestyle as enjoyed by teh top 100 million and look into energy needs and especially nuclear energy then from that perspective you will also have to give some answers to the rising mountain of nuclear waste we are going to see.

As I see you are into the mainstream economic machinery which will only talk of how people can be made to consume more and more, without coming from the ethical, philosophical or spiritual perspective from which most people prounding sustainable development come from.

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